5 Anticipated Car Trends at CES 2024

CES 2024
CES 2024

Rev up for CES 2024! The ultimate tech showdown now steers into the fast lane of car innovations. As TechCrunch puts it, CES has revved up its engines to become a powerhouse for auto news. The show kicks off in Vegas from January 9-12, promising an electric ride into the future. Buckle up for the latest in automotive tech – it’s going to be electrifying!

5 Anticipated Car Trends at CES 2024

More Electric Cars, Less Self-Driving

The car world is buzzing about electric rides, not self-driving ones. Big players like Ford and GM faced losses with autonomous tech, while electric vehicle (EV) sales zoomed from 3 to 10 million. CES 2024 is plugging into this trend.

Tech You Can Actually Get

Forget far-off promises! At CES 2024, car companies are ditching the “maybe someday” announcements. Expect real-world tech you can buy for your car right now, not just flashy concepts that never hit the road.

Honda’s EV Surprise

Honda is unleashing new EVs at CES. On January 9, they’re spilling the beans on a fresh lineup, showcasing their big transformation. Get ready for some exciting news from the Japanese car giant.

Concept Cars Still Rollin’

Car brands can’t resist showing off cool concept cars, and CES 2024 is no different. Hyundai’s Mobion concept car, with wheels that can do their own thing, is set to wow the crowd.

AI Takes a Back Seat

While CES might be all about AI, the car world isn’t diving in just yet. Safety first! AI is still a bit shaky, especially for something as serious as driving. At CES 2024, expect AI in less risky roles, like spicing up your car’s style, not taking the wheel.

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