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How to know infected with corona

How to know infected with corona

How to know infected with corona

What if you have a fever, a cold, a cough, and you are worried that the coronavirus is infected? Get yourself locked up? Examine the necessary tests to make sure the coronavirus is infected?

Doctors say no. He doesn’t need any. It will intimidate people unnecessarily. Because, as the seasons change, many people get fever, colds, coughs. Those who have ‘chronic pain’ are suffering from fever, cold, cough.

But in the current situation, the doctor’s advice, fever, colds, coughs go to the doctor’s chamber. Don’t be late Or do not try to reduce it by neglecting familiar drugs at home. If that happens then it can be the opposite.

What questions can physicians ask you when visiting a chamber?

Orindam Biswas, a Kolkata medicine expert, says:

How long has it been to ask for a fever?

When is the fever day coming? How does it fluctuate?

Is the fever shaking?

All this will be learned from you at the first meeting. If the fever appears to be shaking, then doctors will begin to look for the possibility of malaria. If it is seen that the fever has returned or has receded drastically after a day or two, doctors will also look at the possibility of dengue.

After that, the doctor can ask three more questions

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What is a cough with fever?

Is that cough dry?

Or the cuff with the cuff is coming up?

Doctors will think of the possibility of coronary infection if there is a dry cough. But to be sure, they have to go a few more steps.

And if there is no dry cough, and you have a very frequent cough with cough, then the doctor will ask you:

What is the color of that cuff?

Is it white or yellow or red?

Arindam says, “If someone’s cuff is white, then the doctor will understand that he is infected with a bacterial infection.” Then he will be given antibiotics to get him out of the infection. “

If the color of the cuff is yellow or red?

Arindam says, from that time on, doctors have to think about the next steps. If the color of the cuff is yellow, then it will be a cause for concern. And if the color is red, there is no point.

What would the doctor want to know in that case?

When doctors inform, doctors will ask the patient:

Has he met anyone from abroad?

How many days ago?

From which country did he come to Kolkata by route?

How many people has he met in the last two to one week? How close are they?

In this way, the doctors will know the history of his past few days’ life from the patient.

What can doctors advise the patient after that?

You can tell the X-ray of the chest.

If you find a ‘history’ of meeting with a foreigner and find anything suspicious in the chest x-ray report, doctors will tell you that you need blood tests to confirm if you have coronavirus infection.

Doctors will then ask for a spit examination in the throat and nose.
Therefore, doctors advise, fever, cough, cough, and needless to panic for coronavirus infection test does not benefit. Rather, go to the doctor without delay.



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