Is Android 15 Worth It?

Is Android 15 Worth It?

Google recently released a test version of Android 15 for developers. It’s not packed with big changes, but there are some new features worth mentioning.

Is Android 15 Worth It?

Changes Coming with Android 15

Android 15 will introduce a “secret profile” option, letting users hide personal data and apps. There will also be options to choose different voice assistants and some improvements to various services like search engines and maps. The system will also perform better on devices running Android 15.

Release Schedule

The testing phase started in February 2024 with several preview versions. The final release is expected in fall 2024.

Android OS 15 release plan
Android OS 15 release plan in 2024 (source: Android)

What’s New in Android 15

Here are some key features:

  • Battery Status: Users can check battery health in settings, similar to what Apple offers.
  • Keyboard Vibration: Users can adjust keyboard vibration feedback.
  • Private Space: This feature lets users create a hidden profile for private data.
  • Multitasking: Improved multitasking lets users run two apps on one screen.
  • Dynamic Performance: Android 15 saves battery when running demanding apps.
  • Notification Control: Users can adjust notification volumes and limit push notifications.
  • Voice Assistant Choice: Users can switch between voice assistants.
  • Privacy and Security: Android 15 enhances data protection and detects fraudulent apps.
  • Camera and File Security: Better camera functions and file protection.
  • Health Connect: Manage health data across apps.
  • Android Auto: Improved wireless connectivity and features.
  • Lock Screen Widgets: Add widgets to the lock screen.
  • Flexible Display Features: More options for devices with flexible screens.
  • NFC and UWB Support: Improved NFC and support for UWB sensors.
  • Camera Improvements: Better camera functions for third-party apps.

Devices Supporting Android 15

Google Pixel devices and some Samsung models will get the update first. Other modern devices will follow, but older models might have to wait until around 2025.

Pros and Cons of Upgrading

Benefits include improved performance, battery life, security, and new features. However, there’s a risk of bugs, and older devices might struggle with performance.

How to Update

Participants in the beta testing program will get notifications. Others can flash their devices or wait for the official update notification.

Who Shouldn’t Update

Users with older devices or those who prioritize stability and security might want to hold off on updating until any issues are resolved.

In conclusion, Android 15 offers some exciting new features, but users should consider their device’s capabilities and their priorities before updating.

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