Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Decor

Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Decor: A Festive Showcase

Kim Kardashian really enjoys decorating for Christmas, but her idea of festive is quite unique. A while back, she filled her hallway with giant tampons made to look like trees. Now, she’s taken a different route by filling her bathtub with a brown liquid that’s supposed to resemble chocolate. Kim shared the surprising discovery on her Instagram Story, expressing mock surprise at the unusual scene.

In the video, you can see sprinkles scattered around the tub’s edge and Hershey’s Kisses spelling out “E-L-F.” Kim humorously suggests that mischievous elves were behind this, creating a mess reminiscent of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She throws in some free promotion for her sister’s boyfriend’s movie as well.

Kim Kardashian's Christmas Decor

As she pans the camera, you see a bathtub filled with brown water, though it doesn’t exactly look like hot chocolate, despite Kim insisting that it does.

Kim Kardashian's Christmas Decor

According to Kim, a note in the kitchen explained that the elves couldn’t find mugs, so they decided to put the hot chocolate in the bathtub. She describes the situation as crazy and compares it to Willy Wonka’s world. Kim turns on the faucet, but watching water shoot into a tub of mysterious brown liquid isn’t pleasant.

The next morning, Kim finds the elves hanging out in the “hot chocolate,” which now appears to have frozen or congealed. Despite its whimsical nature, the tub is now a bit of a cleaning challenge. Kim hopes her kids appreciate her playful holiday spirit, and she also wishes a generous Christmas bonus for whoever has to clean her bathroom.

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