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Symptoms of a Kidney Stone

Symptoms of a Kidney Stone
Symptoms of a Kidney Stone

Symptoms of a Kidney Stone

Kidney stones can have many causes. Other compounds including calcium, phosphate, uric acid may be left behind. These compounds accumulate as kidney stones. It has been seen that kidney stones cause pain. Eminent doctors tell about where the pain occurs, symptoms, treatment and lifestyle.

Kidney Stone Disease Symptoms

Kidney stone is a serious disease. Many problems come down in people’s lives when they are affected by this disease. So it is said to identify this disease as soon as possible. However, in many cases, people do not know the symptoms of kidney stones. And this is why the problem is created. But in this situation every man must be careful. Because if this disease can be caught in the first stage, the problem can be reduced many times. Otherwise there is no speed without operation after a while if it increases. Dr. Ashish Mitra, an eminent medicine specialist of Kolkata’s Ruby Hospital, told us about Kidney Stone. He said, actually calcium, phosphate, uric acid can accumulate in our kidneys. It is normally passed out with urine. But in some cases it may not come out. Then it accumulates in the kidneys. At first it is like sand but later the size of this stone becomes bigger. Every person should be alert in this situation.

Kidney stone pain is unbearable for most people. Even so, people started playing with the issue at first. Due to this, the disease turns serious after a period of time. So be careful from the beginning.

In this context, Dr. Ashish Mitra said, if the symptoms of kidney stone (Kidney Stone Disease) can be assumed first, the diagnosis is facilitated. If the disease is caught early, treatment can be done easily. So you must know its symptoms.

Kidney Stone Symptoms

In fact, kidney stones can grow rapidly in many cases. In that case, some symptoms can be seen. Dr. Ashish Mitra said, in this case, the pain occurs in the lower part of the waist. Back pain may also occur. Besides, the pain comes towards the lower abdomen. There may be pain while urinating again. The pain is unbearable. Besides, blood in the urine or urine may be blocked.

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Who has more? (Who is at Risk of Kidney Stone)

Dr. Ashish Mitra said, if the level of phosphate, calcium, uric acid in the body is high, this problem can occur. Besides, it has been seen that those who drink less water also get this disease. Now this matter must be kept in mind.

How to diagnose? (Kidney Stone Test)

Dr. Ashish Mitra said, in fact, it is our job to reduce the cost of the patient. So USG is given first. In this case ESG of KUB is given. However, if the diagnosis is not possible through this, a CT scan of KUB should be given. This makes diagnosis possible. So don’t worry.

What is the treatment of kidney stones? (Kidney Stone treatment)

Dr. Ashish Mitra said, in fact, if the kidney stone is small, it is tried to be removed with medicine. In this case, if the kidney stone is below 7 mm, medicine is given. Stones can be passed out with urine through medication. However, if the stone is larger than this, there are other methods. In that case, if the stone is on the upper side of the kidney, the stone is broken with a shock wave. Besides, if it is on the lower side, the operation has to be done. And in this case the surgery is very simple. The patient recovered quickly.

Lifestyle Change in Kidney Stone

Dr. Ashish Mitra said, once a stone is formed, it can happen again and again. In that case, you have to drink water well. Drinking at least 3 to 4 liters of water a day is mandatory. It has also been found that these people may need to take certain medications for life. So that aspect needs to be kept in mind.

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Note: The report is written for awareness purposes. Consult a doctor before taking any decision.



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