Curious about the road's end? Some want to see it. Is there a real end? Let's explore where the sky meets.

Yes, there's a road that ends, known as the 'E-69 Highway' in Europe, merging into infinity.

The 'E-69 Highway' is in Norway, the last road on Earth, in Olderfjord town, spanning 129 km with five tunnels.

The longest tunnel, the 'North Cape,' on the 'E-69 Highway' is 6.9 km long, going 212 meters below the sea.

Strict rules apply to this road, and solo travel is not allowed due to potential dangers.

Geologists explain that the 'E-69 Highway' is called the last road on Earth, running along the North Pole.

Planning for this road began in 1930, and its construction took 62 years, finishing in 1992.

The 'E-69 Highway' in Norway is recognized as Earth's last road due to its unique features.

However, scientists note that there are other roads globally that also seem to stretch endlessly.