What is Sora AI?

What is Sora AI?

Today, people all around the world are using AI tools more and more. It’s fun for them. For example, OpenAI made ChatGPT, and now it’s used by people everywhere.

ChatGPT is a special kind of AI. It can answer your questions really fast. There are also many other AI tools now. They help you make pictures by just typing words. Now, OpenAI made an AI that can turn any text into a video.

Yes, you heard it right! With this AI, you can make videos that look real. OpenAI named it ‘Sora,’ but not many people know about it yet. In this post, we’ll tell you all about Sora AI. Keep reading to find out more!

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What is Sora AI?

Sora AI is an amazing AI tool that can turn any text prompt into a fantastic one-minute video. The company behind creating ChatGPT, OpenAI, launched this tool and shared information about its launch on Twitter. To use this tool, you just need to provide it with a text prompt, and it will transform that text into a video.

Additionally, Sam Altman, the owner of OpenAI, shared information about Sora AI on his Twitter, saying that if people tell him which text they want to convert into a video, he will use Sora to convert those texts into videos and share them with everyone.

After that, many people commented on Sam Altman’s tweet, expressing their desire to turn their text into a video. Sam then transformed some people’s text into videos, and after watching them, almost everyone was amazed.

Sora by OpenAI Created Videos Like This

In response to Sam Altman’s tweet about Sora AI, someone wrote, ‘Can you make a video of this text? “A half duck half dragon flies through a beautiful sunset with a hamster dressed in adventure gear on its back.”‘

Replying to this text, Sam used Sora AI to create a video, which you can see below.

X Post by Sam Altman

Another user wrote to Sam, asking to make a video of this text: ‘A bicycle race on the ocean with different animals as athletes riding bicycles, filmed with a drone camera view.’

OpenAI’s new AI, Sora, transformed the given text into videos like the ones you can see below.

X Post by Sam Altman

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Coming Soon for Everyone!

We’d like to inform you that OpenAI has currently launched Sora for a limited number of people, so not everyone has access to it yet. However, in the upcoming time, OpenAI plans to launch Sora for the general public.

Even though the company has not officially announced a release date, reports suggest that Sora AI might be available for everyone soon.

We hope this article has given you information about what Sora AI is. Feel free to share it with your friends so they can learn about Sora AI too!

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