Apollo Global hired 350 people

Apollo Global hired 350 people and made a friendly workplace.

Apollo Global Management, a leading buy-side firm, has been strategically expanding its workforce to support its ambitious growth trajectory. Over the past year, the company has welcomed 350 new employees, signifying a substantial increase of nearly 9%. Notably, this expansion has been geographically diverse, with half of the new hires based in North America and Europe, and the other half in Mumbai. Looking ahead to 2024, Apollo is poised to pursue a targeted hiring approach, with a continued focus on Mumbai and a strong emphasis on scaling origination, establishing high net worth coverage, and exploring new products and product creation.

Evolving Corporate Culture

Despite its rapid growth, Apollo has undergone significant changes in its corporate culture. Under the leadership of CEO Marc Rowan, the company has transitioned to a more cerebral environment, characterized by reduced micromanagement and a greater emphasis on diversity. This shift is further supported by insights from a private equity headhunter, who noted that Apollo is no longer as challenging or super-aggressive a place to work and now attracts individuals with low egos.

Apollo Global CEO Marc Rowan
Apollo Global CEO Marc Rowan

Differing Perspectives on Work Environment

However, there are contrasting perspectives on the work environment at Apollo. While some sources suggest a more favorable and accommodating culture, others, such as a young female associate who shared her experience on Wall Street Oasis, have described the working hours as “insane,” with 80-hour workweeks and being on call during the night being the norm. This indicates that despite the reported changes in culture, there are still concerns about the intensity of the work environment at the firm.

Employee Satisfaction and Industry Recognition

In terms of employee satisfaction, Apollo Global Management was ranked fourth among the best private capital employers in an Ideal Employer report. However, it was noted that the company was considered less conducive to wellbeing compared to its rival funds. This suggests that while Apollo may offer career opportunities and benefits, there are ongoing considerations regarding the overall work-life balance and employee wellbeing within the organization.

In summary, Apollo Global Management has been actively expanding its team and evolving its corporate culture under the leadership of CEO Marc Rowan. While the firm has made efforts to create a more inclusive and less aggressive work environment, there are differing perceptions regarding the actual work experience, with some employees still expressing concerns about long hours and high levels of demand.

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