Google Made a Big Decision

Google Made a Big Decision: From January, this special service from Google is being discontinued.

Google bids farewell to Google Play Movies & TV, but your purchased content remains accessible.

Science and Technology Desk: Google Made a Big Decision

Google has made a major decision to shut down a special service from January. According to a media report, Sundar Pichai‘s company is planning to shut down the Google Play Movies & TV app next month. The process of removing the app from various platforms has already begun.

In 2022, Google made Android TV the default for renting, watching, and buying movies and TV shows. A recent blog post confirms Google is ending Google Play Movies and TV. The app will be removed from Google Play and TV devices, but you won’t lose access to your purchased content.

How to View Your Purchased Content?

Google explains how to get to your bought items. If you’re using Android TV or devices with Android TV, find your purchases in the ‘Your Library‘ section on the Shop Tab. For web browsing or if you have a box with Android TV, go to YouTube to see what you bought.

This is Google’s method to simplify its entertainment apps, making things easier in the long run. Apple did a similar thing, letting you access Apple TV Plus and rent or buy shows and movies in their TV app.

Google Play Movies & TV app
Google Play Movies & TV app

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