Motisons Jewellers IPO

Motisons Jewellers IPO: Excitement on the First Day of the 55 Rupees IPO, People Flock to Invest, 16 Times Oversubscribed.

Motisons Jewellers IPO opened today, December 18. It received an excellent response from investors on the first day, oversubscribed 33 times. The IPO price ranges from 52 to 55 rupees. In the grey market, it saw a significant jump of 218.18%. Retail investors subscribed 55 times on the first day, while qualified institutions subscribed 0.07 times, and non-institutions subscribed 37 times. Motisons Jewellers Limited aims to raise 151.09 crores through this IPO, issuing 2.75 crores equity shares.

When will the IPO be listed?

Motisons Jewellers IPO was open for subscription from December 18 to December 20. On Thursday, December 21, the allotment of Motisons Jewellers shares may take place. Its shares will be listed on BSE and NSE on Tuesday, December 26, 2023. The company’s promoters currently hold 70,975,000 shares, while before the issue, they had 98,446,000 shares.

About the Company

Established in October 1997, Motisons Jewellers specializes in selling gold, diamond, and kundan jewelry, offering a variety of other jewelry products. The main store, Motisons Tower, is in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Motisons Jewellers aims to raise Rs 151.09 crore through its primary stake sale, issuing 27,471,000 new equity shares. The IPO’s net proceeds will be used for repaying loans, funding working capital, and meeting general corporate needs.

From anchor investors, Motisons Jewellers secured over Rs 36 crore by allocating 66 lakh equity shares at Rs 55 each. Meru Investment Fund and Zinnia Global Fund participated in the anchor book.

The company’s diverse jewelry range suits weddings, celebrations, and everyday wear for all ages and genders, available at different prices. Motisons Jewellers offers over 300,000 designs in gold, diamonds, and other materials.

As of June 30, 2023, Motisons Jewellers reported a net profit of Rs 5.48 crore and revenue of Rs 86.76 crore. For the financial year ending on March 31, 2023, the net profit was Rs 22.20 crore, with revenue at Rs 366.81 crore.

Holani Consultants is the sole book running lead manager, and Link Intime India Private is the registrar for the Motisons Jewellers IPO. The shares are expected to be listed on BSE and NSE on Tuesday, December 26.

Are you interested in becoming a partner? Invest this amount to get started

If you want to invest in Motisons Jewellers, you need to buy at least one lot. One lot consists of 250 shares, which means you’ll have to spend 13,750 rupees to buy 250 shares. Retail investors can buy up to a maximum of 14 lots. Holani Consultants Private Limited is the running lead manager for the Motisons Jewellers IPO, while Link Intime India Private Limited is the registrar for the issue.

Why Motisons Jewellers IPO is trending?

Motisons Jewellers IPO is creating a buzz in the grey market. As soon as the IPO opened, it signaled significant profits in the grey market. Motisons shares are trading at 120 plus in the grey market. According to investorgain.com, the GMP (Grey Market Premium) for this IPO is 120 rupees, and there is an expectation that its shares will be listed at 175 rupees, which is 218.18% higher than the price band.
(Note: Before investing in the IPO market, be sure to seek advice from market experts.)


What is IPO?

An IPO, or Initial Public Offering, is an investment opportunity where a private company goes public by offering its shares to the general public for the first time. Investors can buy these shares, becoming partial owners of the company. IPOs are a way for companies to raise capital for various purposes, and investors can potentially benefit from the company’s growth and success as its shares are traded on the stock market.

Can I apply for IPO at any time?

During an IPO, which is open for subscription between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., investors can submit their applications to stock exchanges. This is except on stock exchange holidays. Additionally, many banks and stock brokers permit investors to submit their IPO applications at any time (24 hours) when the IPO is open for bidding.

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