Top 10 Chrome Browser Extensions of the Year

Top 10 Chrome Browser Extensions of the Year according to Google

To gain additional benefits in the Chrome browser, many people use one or more extensions. Google has announced the names of the most popular Chrome browser extensions among users in the year 2023. Let’s find out information about the top 10 Chrome browser extensions listed in Google’s ranking.

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This extension for Google Chrome allows you to listen to stories. Speechify can read any online book, report, or text in PDF format in more than 30 languages and over 130 voices.


Similar to Grammarly, a popular app for correcting English spelling and grammar mistakes. QuillBot can work on any English word, correct spelling and grammar mistakes, and even create a summary of large texts.


The Sider extension is quite useful. When the extension is active, a box appears on Google whenever you search for information. You can write a question in the box, and through the chatbot’s artificial intelligence, you have the opportunity to get the answer.


Teal extension can quickly find preferred job opportunities on LinkedIn for job seekers. It also creates a separate biography for each job.


Roblox is a popular website for playing video games. BitRoblox extension helps game developers quickly find their own new games without cost. The extension assists gamers in quickly finding the best games on the website.

Top 10 Chrome Browser Extensions of the Year

Boxel 3D

When there is a problem with the internet connection while working online, Boxel 3D extension provides the opportunity to play a jumping game.


The Transkriptor extension can transcribe any audio file into written text.


If you want to teach your friends how to open a YouTube channel online, the Scribe extension will easily guide you through the process. As a result, the complete guideline for completing the task can also be easily shared with others.

Equalizer for Chrome Browser

The Equalizer for Chrome Browser extension helps you make your browser sound better. You can change the balance of different music frequencies with a 10-band equalizer, use presets for various music types, and boost the bass. It works on YouTube and other sites, making the sound smoother and clearer for videos, live streams, and online radios.


Whenever you open a new tab on Google Chrome, the Bonjourr extension welcomes you. In addition to weather updates, the extension also informs about time.

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