New Nissan Leaf Coming in 2026

Exciting News: New Nissan Leaf Coming in 2026!

Nissan has some great news for fans of their electric cars! Trisha Jung, who is in charge of Nissan’s electric vehicle plans, shared during an interview at the Chicago Auto Show that the next Nissan Leaf is expected to be ready in 2026.

Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf

Normally, car companies don’t give a lot of details about their future plans, but Trisha Jung gave us a bit of information. She confirmed that the current Nissan Leaf will still be around in 2025, which is good news for people who love this electric car. Some were worried that it might be discontinued in the U.S.

Nissan’s branch in Europe hinted that the new Leaf and two other electric models, Qashqai and Juke, will take inspiration from their recent concept cars: Hyper Urban, Hyper Punk, and Chill-Out. While they didn’t say which concept will be the new Leaf, it seems likely that it will be based on the Chill-Out concept. This concept looks a bit like a crossover and has similarities with Nissan’s Ariya SUV.

There are rumors that the new Leaf might have two motors and all-wheel drive, using the same platform as the Ariya. It could also have NACS charging, making it easier to charge. These changes would make the driving experience and charging better for Leaf owners.

One question is where they will make the new Leaf. Right now, it’s made in Tennessee, and it would be a good idea for Nissan to keep making it there. This would help them get tax credits and support the local economy. The Leaf has been a popular car, so it makes sense for Nissan to keep making it in Tennessee.

In summary, Nissan’s announcement about the new Leaf coming in 2026 is great news for electric car fans. With its possible inspiration from the Chill-Out concept and cool features like two motors and all-wheel drive, the future looks bright for this electric car. We can’t wait for more details and the official reveal, and it’s clear that Nissan is serious about making great electric cars.

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